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Holy trinity episcopal academy


体育运动 at Holy Trinity

At Holy Trinity, students can participate in selected afterschool athletics as early as kindergarten. Intramural basketball, 欢呼, and soccer are offered for students in K through sixth grade, and swimming is offered for students in first through sixth. Students in fifth and sixth grade may choose to join co-ed basketball, track, volleyball or flag football.
At the Junior High and 高中 levels, Holy Trinity's prep school sports program provides competitive athletes with the developmental opportunities to succeed at the highest levels, while also offering a variety of options for students who simply want to try something new. Our Upper School offers 41 junior high, junior varsity and varsity athletic teams, enabling our student athletes to build important life skills including character, dedication and 团队合作.

Florida 高中 Athletic Association (FHSAA) Rankings:
  • HTEA Athletic Department: Top Ten throughout Florida
  • HTEA Varsity 团队s: Top Ten throughout Florida for GPA

At Holy Trinity, athletics are an extension of the classroom. At the Upper School, balance is key as we seek to provide equilibrium between the rigorous academic and competitive athletic worlds. Through the myriad of experiences related to interscholastic competition, participants will experience leadership opportunities, 团队合作, and rewards unique to the athletic arena.

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