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  • Anna

    3rd Grade
    "I love chapel. I love the songs. My friends and I sing our favorite chapel song on the bus. I also love the stories Chaplain Garcia tells. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story tomorrow..."
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  • Ashtyn

    2nd Grade
    "I like PE and recess because we play fun games and play on the swings. I like to be outside because it’s warm in the sun and I get to talk to my friends."
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  • Carter

    5th Grade
    "This school is way better than my last school in California. At my last school we only had gym two days a week, and the high school was always using the gym so we couldn’t use it. I like that we have PE every day here because it gets you in a better mood for academics. Music is really, really fun, too. We play boomwhackers and listen to music like Ghostbusters and Pirates of the Caribbean. Mrs. Slawson is funny and loves her job. I also like that we have art once a week. We only had art once a month at my old school because it was taught by a volunteer. I made a friend here on my very first day. It’s been a lot easier to make friends."
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  • Daphne

    4th Grade
    "I like Holy Trinity because you have to work hard. At my last school I already knew everything and I got bored. I didn’t have any homework. So I moved here. At this school it’s more of a challenge. Everyone’s nice including my friends and the teachers."
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  • Jack

    8th Grade
    "The thing I like best about Holy Trinity is that the study environment is very student-friendly. The same routine is never repeated. The teachers somehow always manage to come up with something I didn’t expect. New students and families need to know that creativity is not just tolerated, but encouraged. Students at Holy Trinity are encouraged to think outside the box and find new and interesting solutions."
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  • Javi

    6th Grade
    "I like how much we learn and how we learn it. The teachers give us good info and they’re really nice in how they deliver it. They encourage you to learn more. They make it fun and challenging so you want to learn more."
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